With over 15 years of experience working with small business owners and large retail companies alike, I want to share with you my love for structure and why I think it is so freaking exciting!

Working with me is not going to make you soft. You can still be efficient, still have effective solutions, still have structure to your day, and have a sense of freedom. In fact! I am going to challenge you to be more efficient, have better solutions, and maybe even rebuild your structure to get better results.

Empowered teams start with empowered leaders, and empowered leaders invest in structure as a tool to get real results. You know you operate better when your week (and your life!) has structure. Structure creates freedom. It’s the tool to set higher standards that can influence those around you. 

Your success is about understanding what you could get done if you could cut the meetings in your calendar in half and take time out to build a foundation and a plan to get to where you want to be.  You don't have time. I get it. But I want you to do better, to be better. Trust me, all of those balls you are juggling in the air will not fall if you stop… AND if they do… they probably needed you to stop and fix them before moving on. 

I am on a mission to push you toward those big dreams you think are scary. I am not here to mother you, and I am not here to be a therapist. I am here to help you get stuff done in a way that not only feels good to you but that is also effective.

I am not just doing this for you, but for all the people you affect on a daily basis. When you are killing it at work and feel like you have everything under control, your work and personal and professional relationships get better, your clients are happier... you get it.

Becoming a better leader isn't easy. Rewarding? Hell yes! Effective? You got it! Fun? I promise. But not easy. The short of it: I’ll help you be more successful and have more free time. Our goal is to make long-term and sustainable change, shake things up, and raise your standards in a way that is exciting and thrilling. You don't even know how good success can feel.

These last 3 months working with Yolanda have been fantastic. She helped me zero into specific areas I need to focus on to be successful. She has made me feel able and pushes me to keep working harder. I also accomplished my BIG short term goal, which is HUGE! - Sarah Longfield