While I am known for my grit, I also have 18 years of experience in leadership development and implementing programs to support companies development and sales objectives.  

So you love your job and you want to be a more effective leader? My corporate-speak bio would say that I help people in the workforce achieve their professional goals to make more money authentically by creating effective programs, become more effective leaders, and inspire their teams to achieve more.

Here is what I want you to know about working with me: our main Focus will be Leadership. It is the glue that ties every initiative your work will touch together.

I am on a mission to help leaders be successful AND create a healthy work environment for themselves and their teams. Because we all know that the widely-accepted "business as usual" isn't going to cut it for much longer. 

In small companies, people are empowered, energized and inspired by their leaders but frustrated by the lack of structure. Larger, more established companies will suck the life out of you, but have great benefits, and structure and systems.

What if you - and your team - didn't have to choose between one or the other?

You can still be an effective leader, you can still be successful, and your employees and teams can still be energized and empowered - without compromising on quality or values. And you are going to be the one to make that difference.

People will work harder, produce better results, be more efficient, register more happiness and more money can be made if you are doing this a different way.

How I'm different:

I’m not going to give you a binder of homework because that’s not effective. This work is about being human and figuring out how you can get to where you want to go while helping those around you do the same.

You know the truth about creating real, lasting change:

  • It takes time.

  • It requires bravery to understand (and embrace!) what needs to happen to move you toward your goals

  • It takes effort to recognize the people who are at the center of everything your business does…and to make sure you are working with them effectively and fairly.

You found me because you know that quick fix solutions are not the answer and you are ready to put in the work to do better, to be better.

Not only do you want your career and business to thrive, but you know once you get things together at work, you can focus more on life.

If you are ready to make lasting, sustainable change in your company while also increasing your revenue and streamlining systems, let's go. 

Our Goal (should you chose to accept it): To make you more effective at work so you can feel good at the end of the day because you know you are growing.

How it works:

  • We will connect you with your REAL goals, and priorities.

  • We will show you how your old habits are getting in your way, and transition into habits that help you work more efficiently

  • Show you the difference between ideas and goals, to make sure you are on a path to get to where you want to be.

Package includes:

  • A tangible definition of what success means to you.

  • An “I don’t have time for noise” plan to get you there.

  • Personalized tools, strategies and secrets to make you more efficient. Bonus: You help to create, so you are equipped to be better on your own next time!

  • Email support between sessions to help troubleshoot, get feedback, or clarity on what you are working on with the work we are doing.

Next steps:

  1. If you still have questions, contact me.

  2. If you are ready to go, complete a quick 9-question form to apply. (Remember, I'm not going to take your $ if I don't think I can help you.)

  3. One complimentary 30 minute consultation call to make sure we are a good fit. And answers to any of your questions.

  4. If there is anything extra you need, I will put together a package determined by your needs.

PS Shhhh check with your HR Department, nowadays companies have $ for personal and professional development!

I have worked with my past clients to:

  • Solve an inventory problem at a small company by creating a new system to maintain inventory levels. Result: The company was able to save 10% of its losses in product, not to mention the countless hours of manpower in creating special sales that were useless.

  • Develop operational manuals for production and implement standards and quality control. Result: We streamlined training (shaved 2 weeks of new hire training), improved retention, and corrected multiple production issues that were costing $50,000 (5%) in sales.

  • Created an in-house tracking tool to engage the sales staff, with the result that all employees achieved their sales goals for the first time! (We had to set higher goals!)

  • Create training programs for new hires, and systems to educate & develop existing staff from cashiers to management. Result: recognized by Zaggat as rated excellent in customer service, and raised sales that year by 15%.


  • Created successful internal business plan for the restructuring of the corporate office. Result: streamlined office personnel responsibilities and job descriptions which allowed corporate to better support the stores, as well as save 6% payroll within the stores for hours gained in efficiency.

  • Established specialized teams with designated sales leaders to develop programs that generated 23% increase in sales that year.

  • Worked with a manager to create a clientele program that focused on consistent training and engagement of the sales associates to connect to their customers and bring to life a “Cheers” like environment. Result: Their store had in the highest metrics in the company (a fleet of over 100). Result: Rolled out to the whole company.

  • Lead all on-boarding and training sessions for new stores in the Midwest for Fortune 500 company’s newest brand.