Delivering Leadership Skills and Providing Learning Opportunities in a way that Effectively Empowers so that Everyone Wins


When your employees are happy, they serve the client at a higher level

When you serve the client at a higher level, the client becomes a loyal advocate

When your client is a loyal advocate, you do more business

When you do more business, you are succeeding

I can teach your employees and reports how to create their own happiness, which in turn creates loyal advocates so that everyone succeeds!


I’ve worked with Yolanda quite a few times for developing brand clarity and sustaining my business. She has been worth every penny I invested. She is patient and a GREAT listener, which is perfect because after having worked with many coaches in the past, I failed to truly connect as though they never really listened to my needs. She has a comforting and empowering approach to tackling the most complicated situations and I look forward to continuing to utilize her as a tool to grow my business and brand.

- Kellye Howard

CEO & Self-Empowerment Coach, Be less Petty LLC


I. Love. Connecting. Period.

Through education and collaboration, my mission is to help leaders create a heightened sense of community and empowerment.

Shall we combine our efforts to inspire our leaders to grasp those big opportunities?

Let’s chat about uniting our missions into one dynamic leadership alliance and unlock some serious potential.