At some point in our lives we have all used the phrase “I have The Worst Boss Ever,” and I want to help you avoid being THAT person.

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When entering the workforce, we often have trouble navigating obstacles that stand between us and our career goals. Harshad Pillai, a director at one of New York City’s most sought after architecture firms, explains how to effectively use observation as a tool to address important work quickly.

Next week, on our Check Your References episode, we dig up a historical figure who virtually cornered the market on being oblivious.



S1E1: Finding and Fostering Potential

Fostering potential is one of the greatest investments managers can make when building companies. In this episode of The Worst Boss Ever, I learn how my guest, Jennie Dede, Director of Customer Success for Global Accounts at LinkedIn, has used her ability to find potential as a tool to make companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Antithesis of Jennie Dede: Mortimer Pullman

In this episode of Check your References, our resident librarian, Mary, introduces a managerial monster widely regarded as one of the most awful bosses of all time. So awful, in fact, that his family buried him in the middle of the night, in a lead-lined coffin in a steel-and-concrete vault, which was then covered in several tons of cement to prevent his plethora of enemies from defiling the body.


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The value of sensitivity

I wanted to understand how to break down what sensitivity means, especially in the corporate world, because I’ve always maintained that it’s more than just hippy-dippy, woo-woo stuff! In a fast-paced environment where details are crucial, understanding your team is an invaluable skill. Join me as my guest, financial director Yemisi Yoosuf, helps us understand what sensitivity really means.

The worst deal in the history of American finance (1).png

The Antithesis of Yemisi Yoosuf: Ken Lewis

In this episode of Check Your References, resident librarian Mary McGregor finds the literal anthesis of Yemisi Yoosuf: a boss so oblivious and insensitive that he ended up making what many consider the worst deal in the history of American finance.


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S1E5: Flexibility as a Teaching Tool

There is a line managers often cross where being flexible goes from working for them to working against them. How exactly do we know where to find that line, and how do we avoid crossing it? Giving us some clear guidelines and helpful hints is my guest, social entrepreneur Su Sanni, founder of Dollaride and WeDidIt.

The Antithesis of Su Sanni: Marissa Mayer

For high-profile leaders, a single decision can make or break a reputation, and stubbornness and rigidity are always a recipe for disaster. Join us in our Check Your References segment as we discuss a managerial misfit who could have benefited from some of Su Sanni’s advice on flexibility.

Book recommendation and sources

Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

by Brigid Schulte 


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We are taking a break for the holidays but still wanted to offer something really great to talk about: gratitude in the workplace. And as a special treat, author Cyndie Spiegel reads from her new book, "A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage."

If you want to see big changes with your team by taking just 10 minutes out of the next 10 days, you’ve gotta try this! (It’s free, why wouldn’t you?)

S1E8: Courage &Fear

It’s taken a long time for me to understand fear, but I’ve found that oftentimes when something seems scary, it means I'm on the right track— I’m doing something exciting, something that matters to me. I wanted to know if there were steps I could follow to help me better understand that fear. Dynamic speaker and influential leader Candace Doby has used courage not only to inspire corporate teams, but to live her own life courageously. She helps us to understand that fear can be just as useful as courage— maybe even more.

The Antithesis of Candace Doby: J. Bruce Ismay

In this episode of Check your References, we will be talking to Mary, our resident librarian, who’s unearthed a boss so fearful and spineless that his cowardly business decisions cost over a thousand innocent lives.

S1E10: Cultivating and Maintaining Long Term Relaitonships

This week accomplished leader and Director of Construction, Sean Christopher, shares his stories on cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships. I wanted to know how, in a world where 90% of jobs end in financial & legal negotiations, he is able to maintain decades-long relationships.

The Antithesis of Sean Christopher: Jonas Salk

A man so bad at cultivating and maintaining relationships, not only did he alienate himself from his team, but his entire field!



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Book Recommendation: “Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World” by Melissa A. Schilling https://www.melissaaschilling.com/ 


There is one word we've talked about in every episode. It's a powerful tool essential to becoming a strong leader. So essential, in fact, that we took a break from the normal format to talk about it. This week we flip things around to give you a different take on the idea of trust.