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Hey Leader, I see you with your endless meetings, growing task lists, difficult decisions, and sleepless nights. Let’s get you some better strategies.

How It Works

Leadership Empowerment Discovery Session: 

You are proud of the work you put in to get where you are. 

Now, you want to be more effective as a leader, so you can have more freedom, more time, and more energy.

Yes you are tired and overwhelmed, and wondering how you are supposed to empower the people around you when you are struggling to feel empowered yourself.

You = Ready to make some changes.

Me = I have the tools and the support to get you there. 

Book a discovery session so we can have a clear picture of your challenges, and help you think about strategies to get to that place you have been craving. Where there is  more freedom, more time, and more joy.

These last 3 months working with Yolanda have been fantastic. It has helped me zero in on specific areas that I need to focus on to become successful, versus having this big dream. Otherwise, it’s me taking shots in the dark of how to get there. She has made me feel able & pushes me to keep working harder.

- Sarah Longfield

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate, doTerra

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to be the kind of leader you look up to?

Together we will put together a plan for you to see real positive results in the way you interact with your teams, your job, and your life.

Here is what you get:

      • Identify Strengths
      • Increase Effectiveness
      • Broaden Your Thinking
      • Identify Development Needs
      • Set & Achieve Challenging Goals

I really needed some serious solutions and collaboration to next-level my business and scale. Because of Yolanda, I am taking intentional steps toward the goals in my business that I had previously put on the back burner!

- Rita Taylor Stewart

Consultant, Licensed Financial Representative, Speaker, Author

Working With Me Includes:

  • A tangible definition of what success means to you.
  • An “I don’t have time for noise” plan to get you there.
  • Personalized tools, strategies and secrets to increase your efficiency.
  • Support between sessions to help troubleshoot, get feedback, or clarity on what you are working on with the work we are doing.
  • You help to create all of this, so you can immediately begin to empower your own team!

Our Goal

To become more effective at work so you can become more fulfilled with life.

Working with Yolanda was just like talking with my bff. I felt like I was able to confide in her about every aspect of my life!

- Tymothe Wallace

Style & Fashion Veteran, Tymothe Wallace Hair

Group Coaching

Engage with leaders just like you, navigating the same struggles, who are:

Dedicated to learning new strategies and sharpen their strategic thinking skills.

Looking to navigate the complicated world of leadership, while learning in a creative, yet safe environment that allows for mistakes

Wanting to learn and obtain growth (at an accelerated rate) by leveraging the power of diversity in the coaching community

Here is what you’ll get when you join group coaching:

        • Access to other leaders as dedicated as you
        • A safe place to learn new tools and practice them
        • Accountability
        • Tools to build systems and increase strategic thinking
        • Support from peers as well as the opportunity to support your peers