It is my Mission

To guide, support and empower Leaders to design structurally sound leadership conditions that allow their team to thrive so that they have the confidence and space to focus on the own career path and the lifestyle they are craving.

Hi there, My name is Yolanda and I am a
Leadership Coach and Empowerment Strategist. 

What does that mean? 

It means that I get my kicks from crafting strategies that help you become an effective and inspirational leader, creating frameworks that support you in reaching your highest goals and watching you become the empowered leader that you never even dared to dream possible. 

As a leader myself, I have helped clients working within fortune 500 companies such as Chipotle and The Gap, as well as many smaller family-owned companies.

10 years ago, I found myself wondering why is it that some of the most talented and driven leaders end up hitting a wall and feel utterly defeated.

So I set out to try to figure out how to help MORE people create more opportunity within their leadership roles. Opportunities that challenge and allow them to tap into the work that inspires them to make a greater impact in their organization and the world.

I went on to learn from incredible coaches, have dynamic conversations with incredible leaders and work with some amazing clients. 

That allowed me to formulate strategies and create a framework that empowers more leaders to achieve positive, lasting change and behavior for themselves, their people, and their teams. 

If you are a Leader or Manager who feels stuck, disconnected and exhausted

If you are looking to find more meaning in your work

If you are unsure about the power of investing in your career and yourself

If you are craving powerful tools that will help you make big changes

If you are wanting to make a positive impact and feel more empowered

You owe it to yourself to find out more. 

My Values & Beliefs


I use trust, compassion, and caring to help you have a better understanding of your situation.

We all have the power to define our work, and the world, on our own terms.

You can’t afford the time for anything but the truth.


Getting you to see that you CAN have what you REALLY want.

You can do this.

How? By showing up and doing the work.

The road to Empowered Leadership begins
when you understand to your core that
success does not equal perfection.

You will be hit with facts and I will push you, but it will be done with a huge smile, laughter, realness and most importantly, in solid support.

I’ve got you.


Helping you remember there are many many ways to achieve your goals.

You are brave, focused, hardworking, confident, curious, optimistic, and loving.

Remembering that you should be focused on how things CAN be, not how things SHOULD be. 

Who am I?

I am a Mom of twin boys. I love to travel. I love date nights with my handsome hubby, getting away with my best girls and filling the empty space with big belly laughs.

I have an unquenchable curiosity for other people’s stories, conditions and circumstances and my mission to push you toward those big dreams you think are scary.

I love to teach because Leadership is nothing without learning.

I love coaching because working one on one with someone dedicated to improving their circumstance is my jam.

Most of all, I am obsessed with structure because structure creates freedom and freedom is everything. 

Yolanda sees you, she hears you and gives you the tools to see and listen to yourself! And all with a huge smile, laughter and realness. She is going to hit you with facts and push you, but it’s all good!

- Siera Milton