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It is my Mission

To Empower Leaders with the tools and confidence to design structurally sound leadership conditions that allow their team to thrive. People need this to find the space to focus on their own career path and the lifestyle they are craving.

Yolanda sees you, she hears you and gives you the tools to see and listen to yourself! And all with a huge smile, laughter and realness. She is going to hit you with facts and push you, but it’s all good!

-Siera Milton

My Values & Beliefs


Because we can’t afford the time for anything else:

TRUTH:  You are resilient. You also have the power to define your work, and the world on your own terms.


The road to Empowered Leadership begins: 

When you understand to your core that success does not equal perfection it equals growth and tangible results.



Helping you remember to focus on how things CAN be, not how they SHOULD be to achieve your goals.

We show up, work hard, stay curious, and have FUN!

Who am I?

An observer, instigator, fun seeker. I have an insatiable curiosity for people’s stories, conditions and circumstances. 

My mission: to get you moving full speed toward those big dreams you think are out of reach.

I love to teach because Leadership is nothing without learning.

I love coaching because working one on one with someone who is dedicated to improving their circumstance is: just. plain. beautiful.

Most of all, I am obsessed with structure because structure creates freedom and freedom is everything.